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Natalie Gauci Laments On Fame’s Dark Side On New Single

From an early age Natalie dreamed of being famous. Now on her new single ‘Fame’, she explains that fame is about learning to choose to do good things through love, instead of the bad things, through blocking pain. ‘I recall blowing my candles out on every birthday, wishing to be famous. Now I look back and think, hmmm, why did I want to be famous? I wanted to make a difference in the world”

Fame finally arrived for Gauci in 2007 when she gained massive national overnight recognition after winning Australian Idol. 

Gauci subsequently signed a record deal with Sony BMG Australia. Her debut single, ‘Here I Am’ released in November that year, reached #2 on the ARIA Singles Chart and gained a gold accreditation.

The following month saw the release of her debut album, ‘A Winner’s Journey’ which reached #11 on the ARIA Albums Chart and was certified platinum.

International success followed with a charting single and album in the UK, Sweden, Germany and Denmark.  She toured the UK and Europe and held down a residence at Ronnie Scott’s in London.  Other highlights included: Henley On Thames Music Festival UK (with Chaka Khan), In The City Festival Manchester, Sofa Sounds London, TEDx London, FestiBall, Buckinghamshire UK Festival, Walk The Walk Breast Cancer Charity Festival and The Big Umbrella Charity Event Kathmandu.

In a classic case of ‘be careful what you wish for’, Gauci learnt that being famous also had a downside as she illustrates on her new song; “Fame got me wanting all the bad things, the bad things, shame it brought the sad things” Gauci laments.

“Writing ‘Fame’ made a difference to my life; it made me realise it’s not about the fame, it’s about honouring the gifts I’ve been given”

All proceeds from the sales of Natalie’s forthcoming album, ‘Brand New Day’, are going to support her charity, A Call to Wisdom which will help people who have broken parts that require healing from sexual abuse, trauma and domestic violence.  

“Brokenness is leading to homelessness and what we need now more than ever is hope” says Gauci

New single ‘Fame’ is available on all digital platforms Friday 29 th September.
Album ‘Brand New Day’ will be released in 2024

Natalie Gauci Reveals How She Feels With New Single

Multi-award-winning Australian singer-songwriter Natalie Gauci will release her new single, ‘How You Feel’, on Friday 26th April.

This is the third single to be lifted from her forthcoming new album, ‘Brand New Day’. Natalie’s previous singles, ‘Fame’ and ‘I Thought It Was You’, enjoyed widespread radio airplay across the country.

‘How You Feel’ reflects Natalie’s yearning for a trusting relationship while missing her family when she was living in London. Natalie explains:

“During my overseas travels, I missed my family and found it difficult to find a meaningful relationship with someone special. The best thing about travelling is knowing I had a loving family to come home to.”

Produced and recorded by Andrew Beck at Damien Gerard Studios in Gosford, ‘How You Feel’ includes guest appearances by notable musicians Ashley Naylor (Even, Paul Kelly, The Church) on guitar and Evan Mannell (Missy Higgins) on drums. Natalie comments:

“While Ash played his distinctive electric melodic guitar parts, he insisted that I play acoustic guitar on the track. I also play whirly on this one too!”

Natalie continues:

“The drums originally had a hip hop feel, and because of the timing of the verses, the musicians were counting it in 3/4 time, but it’s actually a straight 4/4 beat, although the melodies are all sung and written on the offbeats, so it has a very unique sound and feel to it, then opens up into the chorus where the melody sits right on the ‘I’ and gives the lyrics a very strong sense of positivity and fun.

“When I wrote the verses, I had John Farnham’s ‘Chain Reaction’ in the back of my mind. We decided to go back in the studio to give the verses the same drum feel as ‘Chain Reaction’, where it’s a straight 4/4 drum beat with odd melodies over the top, which I feel tells the story of me looking for a trusting relationship and missing my family. Music takes me on so many different journeys and this song brings it all together and explains how I really feel.

“I’m truly blessed to have worked with one of Australia’s best producers; Andrew Beck gave the song a really natural country feel. He encouraged me to ‘just be myself’ and sing it how I wrote it; really organic and strong” – adds Natalie.

‘How You Feel’ is available from all digital platforms Friday 26th April and the new album, ‘Brand New Day’, is scheduled for release Friday 5th July 2024.

To celebrate the album’s release, Natalie will perform live with her band at Birds Basement in Melbourne on Friday 5th July. Tickets are available here.

Connect with Natalie Gauci on Facebook and visit her official website at natalierosegauci.com.


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