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Every dollar that is made on Natalie ’ s upcoming album is going to support her charity, “ A Call to Wisdom ” which will he lp people who have broken parts that require healing from sexual abuse, trauma and domestic violence. “ Brokenness is leading to homelessness and what we need now more than ever is hope ”. I am donating my album sale profits to my charity and non for profi t. The reason I put this charity together is because I am and have been an advocate and a voice for many people who are wanting peace in their life, who have a battle in their minds and wanting to find wisdom and understanding with their personal relations hip with God and how to best navigate through life with the blind fold off.
The system we once knew is broken and I am here to bring hope that God is and will continue to deliver us into joy, peace and freedom when we believe, when we ask, when we learn, understand and seek wisdom from him. With the funds raised through “ A Call To Wisdom ” I ’ m planning to start with my own live monthly podcast, monthly live stream and end goal is to build facilities globally for people to have a place to go to, to share, h eal, learn and even stay temporarily when they have no where else to go, and get help and find hope. Thank you for your contribution and care, God bless you.
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