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Myself and my family completely enjoyed watching the launch of Natalie Rose gauci’s Pictures of Mars.

The concert showed the transformational journey Natalie has been on since she won Australian Idol in 2007. Natalie showed a strong stage presence as she told her stories and sang with her powerful voice. I personally found these stories were able to move my heart and create a deeper place on contemplation. Natalie ended the concert with a group healing session which united all of us in the crowd. Performing artists like natalie are greatly needed in these times when people are struggling to maintain a sense of community.


Musician, singer, mother, healer, searcher, giver.

Looking for peace, looking to heal.
Nats the one, she’s kind, she’s real,
The brightest light in the darkest days
A gift, a voice with Angel ways
Her chanting and stories, songs and drums,
Close your eyes, relax and hum.
You’ll feel lighter, refreshed and truly blessed.
Pure of heart, NatG’s the Best.

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