Natalie Gauci is an author and writes books and audio books to express her inspirational stories.

Meet Natalie Gauci

In the symphony of life, I am Natalie Gauci, the maestro of my musical journey. Each note I sing and every stage I grace tells a story of passion and dedication.
At heart, I am a soul immersed in the enchanting world of music. Whether I’m crafting melodies in the studio or sharing the stage with fellow artists, my enthusiasm for creating resonates in every tune. I find inspiration in the raw emotions of life, and my journey is a testament to the power of authentic expression.

Passions That Drives Me


Passions That Drive Me

I am driven by the art of storytelling through music. Every song is a chapter, and each note carries a narrative that connects with the soul.


Empowering Others

Music is a force for empowerment. I am deeply passionate about using my platform to inspire and uplift others.


Boundless Creativity

The pursuit of creativity is an eternal flame within me. I am passionate about exploring the limitless possibilities of sound.

How To Get Out Of A Broken Relationship: 7 Step Guide To Healing

Natalie Gauci is a talented and award-winning artist. She began taking music lessons at the Victorian College of the Arts and working as a music teacher. She successfully auditioned for the fifth season of Australian Idol in 2007 and went on to win the season. She also signed a record deal with Sony BMG Australia and released her debut single, “Here I Am,” in November of that same year. The song peaked at number two on the ARIA Singles Chart and was awarded a gold certification. Her debut album, The Winner’s Journey, was released the following month. It was platinum-certified and reached its ARIA Albums Chart high at number eleven.

However, her book sidetracks from her colorful and successful music career. In How To Get Out of A Broken Relationship in 7 Steps, she offers an insightful read for readers who need practical guidance toward mending and leaving broken relationships.

Natalie will lead us through the seven stages she has learned and put into practice to transform strained bonds into loving ones. With the help of these seven steps, Natalie has been able to leave previous abusive relationships and move on with her life. To help others who believe they are in a relationship they can’t get out of or want to leave but feel they can’t, Natalie reflects on her experiences and offers teachings from her point of view. This book also helps make and deepen connections designed to last. She iterates that some relationships are supposed to stay forever, and some should end,

In this book, Natalie gives her testimonies and her personal raw honest intimate experiences and what changed her life, to become a person that is now happy in her life, and not broken in her consiosuness. She takes her readers on a journey filled with her spirituality and her struggles.

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