I have been wanting to write this Article for a while, and I finally gave myself the time!

Firstly the words ‘Twin Flame” has been used so many times lately and thrown around like it’s the new season’s fashion… everyone has one or wants one, and when they find one, they “need” them and can’t imagine life without them, and they always have a “runner” in the twin flame scenario.

I met my twin, he is 62 years old, married and works in the same industry as me. I felt the Earth move from under my feet when I came into contact with his energy. But unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we both made choices in this life time before we both met. To live in different places, and live completely opposite lives. He became my mentor and I had to learn some very deep lessons.

Twin flames are direct mirrors to our souls. They teach us everything from love and hate, to all the emotions I never knew were possible. I learnt how to love deeply, for myself first. I knew I would never meet him in person and I accepted that. I had a dream that we met, and I could feel him physically. He felt like a father figure to me, more than a romantic lover. But for some reason, there was sexual chemistry and it took us so long to figure out what it was and what it meant. We still really don’t know, but we are getting closer to the answers and we feel it because there is a lot of repressed sexual energy that needs to be released, and a lot of guilt and shame around it.

We have complete trust, and are completely open. We both know when we are not being fully open and when we are in denial of our true self. This is hard to face, because it means we are facing fear and apprehension. I know he and I were divinely guided to work together on quite a big mission, so until we accept this and let all the physical stuff go, we won’t be able to be completely whole for our mission to commence.

I learned to stop controlling the relationship and I learnt to give love, unconditionally. I learnt to listen to my heart and separate myself from the “need” to feel so high with our connection, and learnt to connect to God first. This is when everything changed.

I started to feel my twins spirit and then it didn’t matter if he was in contact with me or not, and I was able to tune in to his energy, and just feel it. This gave me a sense of confidence because I love being free, and I love so many people.

I met my twin before I met my soul mate! Which is usually the other way around. I know now that I am going to meet my soul mate and it makes me happy. I know my soul mate will be closer to my age, someone I can grow with, someone I can build a team with, and a life with. I believe we have already met, I just needed to be ready.

Twin flames will knock you side ways, make you confront everything about you that you haven’t yet faced.

Coming into union with your twin flame, means that your spiritually connected and “merged” is the only way I can describe it. Because you have both accepted your mission to start working together, on what ever level this may be. You don’t necessarily need to “marry” them, that is an old way of thinking. We are programmed to believe that we need to marry our twin flame, but actually I don’t believe this to be the case.

I believe there are no rules, and there is no right or wrong. Because every time I try and analyze it, and ask myself if it’s serving me, I always come back to “yes and no”… sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

I love it when me and my twin flame are free spirited and let ourselves go, when I feel our energies rise and everything around us in alignment. Then when the guilt and the shame starts, that’s when things go out of alignment and this is where the growth happens. Part of our twin flame connection is to learn how to release those lower vibrations for us to be higher and more in alignment with who we truly are. It doesn’t mean we have babies with them… although babies may come!

I wish you all the best on your twin flame journey’s and your divine connections with spirit while living on the Earthly plane.

If you have any questions, or comments please feel free to contact me, info@natalierosegauci.com. I have workshops coming up in Nov/Dec which I am very excited about!

God Bless You!

Natalie x