The world is our oyster and we are the champions that ride the wave of the unknown with our omni-presence with the universe existence. We must acknowledge this to move forward and keep moving forward in our lives for many lives exist without attachment to it. Who we are does not matter when we love from our hearts existence. When we pray, we are free to be closer to the source energy of what is. We know who we are deep down and when we let go of all the things that don’t matter only then we can really be free and enjoy the fruits of the life we have been given and the show of beauty that lay around us that we miss when we don’t see them. They are all around us and we can create them just as much as we can destroy them so lets speak of words that make pure gold and create rainbows and bright light. That creates beauty for us all to bath in as we co create in this world and feel the hot sun on our backs and shoulders. Who did this? Who made us? For it does not matter, all that matters is that we feel of the embrace of the beauty that surrounds us to appreciate what is, and stop asking why, how, when, with you? We grow like the flower that was once the seed. So lets start planting seeds and growing them. How would you like your seed to grow? Can you visualize this co creation and develop it into one big love? The world is our oyster, didn’t you know? Sometimes it may not feel like it, and that is because we have let the distractions get in the way of who we truly are and we have stopped allowing the fruits to be given to us. The planets align and we continue to look the other way, until the deeper love comes and we have forgotten what that feels like, we have forgotten what true love is. The heart of the matter. The ground, the mud, the soils in which we walk, have a life and exist just as much as we do. The nature of all things, is us in this universe and our energy co creates when we allow this into our lives. The more we love the more we allow, the more we vibrate on a higher frequency without any means of substances but purity and bliss of the magic kind. Who are we to deny this to ourselves? Stop asking the who. When we already know. That the world is our oyster and we can choose to grow.

*Written by Spirit

My family love eating oysters it represents family and celebration and we only have them on special occasions. We always know that when my nonna buys oysters it’s a special day. The ocean is the element of which we are made of our bodies 80% water.

*Written by Natalie Rose Gauci

We are one with this omni-presents. We are joined together to love in our heart for this is the season to bring new life and joy into the world and allow the stars to connect to our bodies and love like we have never loved before. This is free. It doesn’t cost anything. This is what it is all about. This is what matters. Say yes and be open to everything and be attached to nothing. Love in hearts on the many that can grow like the fruits of the trees. The world is our oyster and we must cherish these moments that we share on the grace of our Earth. We are given this beautiful gift, everyday.


The World Is Our Existence

Written by The Spirit