How can we use this energy with the new moon?

Language is universal, and the only barrier we have when communicating, are words and labels. This is when Divine Love and The Violet Flame come together to transcend, transform and unite us. We stand as one. Learn to live as one, and get out of our comfort zones.

Raging fire doesn’t mean to hurt one another, it means to let out what we have been holding on for far too long. Speak words we never say because we are too scared. Now is the time to let it out.

We always tend to feel embarrassed after we let out rage or our burning desires because they are sitting in a lower vibration. I know this from experience that when I sing and let out a big note and it cracks, it means I’ve pushed too much air out and the voice wobbles. But sometimes this is a good thing, because it expands my limitations and I am using muscles in my body that I don’t normally use, and I am then bringing THE PHYSICAL part of me into existence.

We cant’t just have the spiritual, we need the balance of the physical too. If we don’t have that we hold it in and get pains, or burns, and it needs to be expressed in a sacred way.

Our sacral chakra holds this energy and it is connected directly to our other power centers, our heart and our third eye.

The power of Love is something that goes so deep we are beginning to comprehend the layers and how far we can go. It starts with us. We need to do our own healing and connect to every element. The Fire is one we have forgotten, one we have judged, one we have felt ashamed to use… well it’s time to bring our passion back in a sacred way and learn how to use The Violet flame to call in Freedom, Justice and PEACE. We can ROAR for peace when we need to, and rage our fire when we need to as well. It not good or bad… it is an experience. Where there is love there is also hate. 

After I finished this video, I went into a “hate” feeling because I didn’t like part of it and I found it annoying. Then I realized that it is part of the process… that if I didn’t go there, I wouldn’t not have gotten the pure tones at the end of the video and I felt such a deep connection at that point, that it was all worth… even the annoying bits. This is a metaphor for our life and our being. To raise the vibration we need to go to places we’ve never been.

Sometimes I know I try to hard and I just need to relax and let things happen in divine timing, when it feels right and I am not forcing it. Sometimes we want things so bad that we push for it instead of fight for it with that burning desire. There is a difference between controlling others, and controlling ourselves. Love is never jealous, and it never controlling. Trying too hard is a lesson for us to take a step and back, look at things from the Eagle’s perspective and RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX… we are all capable of this. Look for freedom and clarity in every situation. Ask for it. Ascension is the key. 

We need to use our sacred divine energy and connect to the physical part of us. 

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How are serving the new moon today?

Love and blessings,