[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”joVl0ZiNIy4″ player=”cc_load_policy=0&iv_load_policy=3″]The New Moon is asking us to connect to our inner child to find peace.

Meditation – The New Moon is asking us to connect to our inner child

Today’s Monday Meditation is all about learning how to be guided by our inner knowing, by connecting to our inner child. There are clear steps which we can take that will help us on our journey to discover the truth in all things, and live a happy peaceful life. In this video I take you through the steps, one by one, and guide you, through my voice, my singing and my connection to spirit. With this I am able to share these secrets with you. Please watch from beginning to end as I have special words which I use. Please let me know what they are and make comments and I will give you a special prize!

Real spiritual work takes commitment to self and connection with our spirit on all levels, all the time. It is not something you can turn off and on, it is always with us. Recognizing how and when to use it to optimize our growth and potential is becoming more and more vital to our daily existence. Come and join me in this magnificent meditation, now. Have a blessed week full of love, joy and laughter and happy tears with this new moon!

As children our minds are so open and free. Free to absorb information, some which has benefited us and a lot of information that has not and we are now relearning and reconnecting.

I can speak from my own experience that we are in a time where we are asking more questions, and wanting to know “Why” we do what we do. Doing it, just isn’t enough anymore. We want answers. So we search google, because we believe google has all the answers. Well I am here to tell you that google does not have all answers, our inner self has all the answers. The only reason we search outside of ourselves is because we are searching for external things to make us feel good, quickly and instantly.

Over the past few weeks I have been asking google, and it has confused the crap out of me. I am a spiritual teacher, I have extremely vivid dreams, and I always follow my intuition. I used to love looking up the meaning of numbers and lunar calendars, spirit animals… and now there are websites out there which can calculate all our astral signs in a second. How am I to know what’s real and truth? If I believed everything I read I would be a complete mess and extremely out of alignment. I started to spend all day searching on google, until I found the answer that actually made sense and resonated with me, it took so long, I wasted so much time, when I realized I knew the answer all the along!

It took strength and courage to make the decision to connect to my inner child, and listen to the sound of my own voice. Not long after this decision (24 hours) my thoughts began to detach from my body and my thoughts just became thoughts, and they sounded so ridiculous. Why am I thinking all these things?

Would you like to know how to quiet your mind and listen to your inner knowing? I have a message from spirit, which gives you the clear steps to follow, right here.

Let’s go into this meditation and find our inner voice, now. See you there!