Meditation For Anxiety and Stress Relief

This meditation is to relieve anxiety and stress. There is a lot of intense energy going on at the moment with relationships, work and just life in general.

This meditation has been designed to raise your frequency and disentangle all the webs and pathways that may have been blocked. This will help you relax and begin to form new healthy relationships with your loved ones and bring back your passion for life again. You will be able to breath easier and feel joy in the little things.

Please use headphones and always practice the opening grounding prayer and closing prayer along with the self love meditation.

You may want to practice this everyday until you start feeling better. Allow 7 days to begin with and then top up from there.

It helps to keep a journal of your feelings. For more information about this please contact me info@natalierosegauci.com

This is not to replace any medical or psychiatric practice. This is an alternative practice called Vibrational Medicine which is connected to sound frequencies and spiritual practice.