Connecting to your angels for Eternal Love (Rebuild Relationships)




This is a 40 minute phone call to connect you to your angels for eternal love, to build stronger relationships with your loved ones and family, to rebuild relationships.

This is a customised meditation designed for you and your unique situation based on your relationships with your loved ones.

Receive NATG’s healing and guidance through her voice to communicate a meditation especially for you.

After purchase, you will need to contact the Facebook page NATGOFFICIALL in order to book you in for an appointment. You will also need to download the app zoom which is available on all devices across the world. Link Below:

PLEASE NOTE: The same email that was used for the purchase of this reading will need to be the same email you use to open a zoom account, which is free.

NATG will provide you with all the details and set you up an appointment.

Please also read the terms and conditions before purchase, which you can find at checkout and on this website.

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You must read and agree to full terms and conditions before purchase.

Please note: You must contact the Facebook page NATGOFFICIALL after purchase so we can book you in for an appointment and work out time differences.

Your name must be the same name as the one you booked with.

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