Natalie helps people transform and have their freedom through finding their voice.

Natalie Gauci is a musician, performer, songwriter, teacher and business woman.

“The joys of life stem from broken pieces being put back together which forms a certain wisdom that no money can buy”
This is how Natalie Gauci describes her life. It has been 14 years since Natalie claimed the title of winning Australian Idol, yet people still remember Natalie and share their memories of her music with her about how it changed their life.
Natalie became her own rock, building her own musical career after going through what she calls, “doubt, suffering, hardship and heartache”. Her experience with her major record label, with the music teacher and her incredible fame experience. Now, as a mother and with some space, Natalie has got wisdom that she is now sharing with the world through her voice.
Natalie has entered a new season where she is blossoming into a true recording and performing artist acknowledging all her achievements from being a platinum and gold selling artist, a child actress, a musician, producer, writer and business woman. Having achieved ARIA success, performing for millions in her home country of Australia then going on to travelling the world.

Natalie’s purpose and reason for being here is to bring her fans and listeners into their hearts through her music, performances, and teachings. “I am child of nature” says Natalie, “I’ve also been on a huge spiritual journey”.  Natalie travelled with so many questions, in search for answers and something outside of herself having music as her muse and releasing albums along the way. Getting a dragonfly tattoo, which has now become part of her message of eternal life, transformation, fertility and “a stamp on my chest to remind me of who I am”.


Landing back in Australia after seven years of travel and self-exploration, Natalie has reached new heights.Finding her spark again after giving birth to her beautiful son, trusting herself and her own abilities, living in nature and appreciating the little things in life.

Natalie is now sharing her journey with us all in such a beautiful expression through her music and voice. Natalie wrote her first book “How To Get Out of A Broken Relationship” which has 7 steps to healthy relationships. Natalie has been following these steps ever since and she has build an extremely successful life for herself and Jedidiah, now following her destiny and true life path. Natalie has learnt to break old habits and patterns, heal old wounds and trauma and is on her way to being the best version of herself she can be, in excellence.

“The joys of life form a certain wisdom that no money can buy”

Natalie Gauci
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