The Spirit of life is in our every breath and in our every thought, in our every word and in our heart beat.


When the walls feel like they are caving in, it’s time to push through and work harder than ever to bring that positive shine back in to your heart.


Prayer and Affirmation Exercise:

  1. Place one hand over your heart (left hand) and close your eyes, breathe deeply and surrender.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to take away any negativity that no longer serves you, and anything negative that is around you, now. Your wish will be granted.
  3. This opens up a door way of light where you can express any concerns you have or worries, and set them free.
  4. Ask God (or your choice of belief system i.e The Universe) to bring your concerns and worries when it comes to particular situations with work and people, and your relationships what ever they may be, to release any fear they may have from moving forward.
  5. This may be your work, your “customers”. Send them love and prayers, ask for their light to shine and for God to show you a sign, whether you are on the right path.
  6. Then Surrender
  7. Breathe Deeply and Trust. Surround yourself with love and light in this moment, and let it all go.
  8. Believe. Really believe in your connection to what is bigger than you and that it is out there to help you. Take the pressure off yourself and take yourself out of it, and let God do the work.

This helps me! When I was praying I did this exact thing, to add to these steps, I also spoke to my partner and my mentor, and I asked them to pray too, it takes the pressure off and makes me feel more free. Instantly my student replied to me, and reached out voicing his concerns and his “reality” with me, and I told him not to worry. That once he commits to our course together, he will move mountains, like all my other students.

One of my other students asked me about money, and how he can become rich. Love is the highest vibrational frequency and we are moving into the 5th dimension which means we need to learn to love first, and the money will come. When we are truly honest and help people from our hearts, we can develop relationships that last, that we know are genuine. This is what counts. We started talking about what “Rich” would mean if money didn’t actually exist. Because in 25 years time, this is actually a very high possibility. Now with new crypto currency Bitcoin, and the world taking a huge political down fall, crime and corruption will soon be a thing of the past. The more we can believe in this, the more it will happen. The more we can pray for this, the more it will happen.

My other student said, he believes there is abundance for all. There is, only once we create it. By this, we need to co-create, which means becoming strong in enough in ourselves first, to concur our fears and learn to love ourselves and not be afraid to share our successes with others and think that they will take what is ours. The more we think like this, the more we create lack of rather that than abundance. Love is the highest vibrational frequency.

After my “Weekly Spiritual Recall” I sang my song “Big Dream” to close at the end. We said a prayer also. Straight after my show, my neighbor came over to tell me he heard singing and how beautiful it was! It just so happened that there was another young singer and drummer with him and we all made friends! They invited me for dinner, and it turns out they have a rehearsal room with a whole band set up! The kids were awesome, they learnt my song “Back To Life” and there was so much love and happiness, it was like a dream. To see the kids so excited, eyes lighting up, and wanting my autograph, not wanting me to leave and asking me to come over anytime for dinner, was just the most beautiful thing. The following day I received a message from my neighbor saying that he was free, he offered me a ride to the shops and paid for my food, and bought me flowers. I was thinking about flowers and then “boom” he had them in his hands. Without any expectations, we connected and bonded as friends. He then opened up to me about his Thyroid issues. I was praying in my mind for a cure, I knew I could help him. Later that evening I was working with a beautiful lady from Australia, ( I do distant healing) and I created a song for her for her thyroid and she instantly felt better. I felt so happy, and I offered my healing materials to my neighbor and he kindly accepted. I felt I could give him something in return for his kindness.

I then was talking to a friend of mine, who is also a healer and I actually heard a Demon speaking through him! I told him to come over right away because this could not stay in his body. He wasn’t sure what it was and I could feel the demon was getting scared of me because he knew I was going to bring it to the light! My friend took ages to come over and then he got stuck in the lift. Which actually never happens. I knew then and there we needed to get started while he was in the lift. He called me, I wasn’t faraway, I was standing right there, and I could hear his voice echoing through the walls as well. I started the steps, which I have written above…. as soon as it was complete, the Supervisor arrived and within 1 minute he was out of the lift. He handled it so well! This was just the beginning for this process was quite a deep healing, which I go into, in my book, but not when writing a blog! Too much information. We had 100 % success with the healing and the demon was gone. It turns out that on Halloween he had the intention to get drunk and opened himself up to evil spirits (not intentionally), which he doesn’t usually do he just wanted to switch off and disconnect, not feel his pain or troubles just for that one night, and then he paid the price. Archangel Michael was there to help. I also saw St. Anthony too, which was really beautiful.

You are valuable and so is your time on this Earth.

The relationships we have are what counts. Being honest as much as we can about how much love we can have for ourselves.

How deep is your love?

Are you in love with yourself enough to speak up? Speak out? Take Action?

God wants us to stand strong together. Lady and Lady, Man and Man, Lady and Man, Man and Lady.

Mother Earth is saying “NOW IS THE TIME”.

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Love and blessings to you my friends… till next time.

Natalie Rose Gauci