Our Spiritual Ancestors from Wombat Park

Have you ever wondered what else is out there? Where we come from? And why we exist? Well I don’t have the answers to those questions, but I do have an insight through story telling. Through telling my stories. I meet people everyday on my journey, people who are extremely special and continue to show me that there is beauty out there with beautiful people. I stopped watching the news and TV a long time ago, which definitely helped. Now I have come into a new alignment and reconnection with myself, that I am able to turn on the TV sometimes and watch those horrid news reports without taking any of it on. But why would I bother even going there? Sometimes it’s good to know stuff of what not to do, so we know not to do it.

Where to start in my story this week, I do not know. So much has happened. My story last week was so long I still haven’t finished typing it out. So this week I have decided that the Articles will be published once a month as short stories with audio and visual and the #TeaTuesdays will be poems that I channel. A lot easier and faster to manager as well!

I have chosen to publish this poem that came to me a few weeks ago. My God it is pretty deep and I didn’t understand it at all, which was why I hadn’t published it yet. After today’s experience, I am now ready to publish it and explain it to you.

It’s about the Dancing Serpent and our connection to the land! This one came from Australia I am absolutely sure of it. Where it says “Jesus is coming” was the part that I knew would either put people off or turn people on, depending on their religion, culture or beliefs. I don’t want to offend anyone or put people off, and at the same time I don’t want to edit what has been channelled for me to share. Being true to the message is very important to me. To me, “Jesus is coming” refers to us as humans waking up and not to be taken literally… or maybe he is coming? Who knows… but the deeper meaning here is to go deeper… instead of looking at it on the surface level like I did at first.

I was taken to a beautiful park land today called Wombat Park with a friend who is of the Yorta Yorta Aborginal Tribe where the country radiates out from the Murray River on both sides in all compass directions, roughly from Cohuna in the west to just outside Albury/Wodonga in the east to a northerly point in NSW approximately 20-30 km past Finley and extends south into Victoria just short of Nagambie.

The park lands where we were today, around my area was also aboriginal sacred land, where the Wurundjeri Elders resided or may still reside, I am yet to find out. This month I will share my whole story and connection which I have with the indigenous land, but for now I will fill you in on a few major details to prepare you for my story! I googled Mannignham council to find out which tribe resided in Wombat Park and I found this:

“Reconciliation is about building positive relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other Australians. The journey of reconciliation is important for all Australians, as it recognizes the need to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and acknowledges the enormous impact of the colonial settlement of Australia and the forced removal of children from their families (Stolen Generations), a trauma still being felt today by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Let me tell you, from my spiritual encounters and experience, it is so much more than that. That is only the surface. It is to cover up all the other deep secrets that have yet to be told about why this happened and how it got to that point. I call it the Devil’s work. And as they say, you can’t have the light without the dark which I appreciate, but in this case it’s justice and healing of the land… because guess what? We are all connected which means we are all affected by what happened all over the world. It’s the power of Mother Nature that no human can ever try and over power, she will rock this world until it’s cleansed and she will shake it until it’s awakened.

As we were sitting in the park, we decided to go where there were some shade. So we sat on the river, just by the rocks and the trees, on the river bank, in front of a tree, on the grass hill. We could both hear something rustling in the grass directly behind us, we both acknowledged it but we kept on talking. We had just met, it was our first encounter. I explained to him that I noticed he was surrounded by spiritual ancestors and extremely connected to spirit and to the land, and that I had been guided to speak to the elders to know more about how they practiced ceremony, and it’s no surprise that it is through song and dance. But because they were denied their rights to be human, they stopped doing it, they lost confidents and felt so much guilt and shame about their connection to spirit and to their way of living, they hid everything, to keep it sacred and protected. It wasn’t just their children that were taken away from them, it was their spirit, and they are not the only ones. My grandparents tell me every day how angry they are about everything they worked so hard for that they feel has been taken away from them. They are definitely not fans of the government here in Australia and I don’t know many people who are and things need to change. There is good and bad in everything and the good ones need to show face now, it’s time for us good people to come together to speak out for those who cannot. This includes the aboriginals and indigenous culture and tribes. There is a lot of healing which needs to be done for us all to release the pains and traumas that have been building up over millions of years.

Through ceremony and gatherings, of singing and dancing, story telling and prayer, in all languages and cultures we are able to reconnect to our true nature of who we really are, because this invites our spiritual ancestors in with us to guide us and support the bigger picture, because what is happening is so much bigger than us and something we CAN explain, something we DO know, something we DO feel, it’s time to be honest and just say it how it is. It’s real. We CAN see it, we CAN feel it, love on a global scale CAN exist because we live in a beautiful world which will always restore itself even in the worst of times, but this time we KNOW we can make a difference and join her on this journey to sacred peace and harmony. Which of course is our natural state of being.

As we are sitting on the grass time disappears and we take off into the land, into the nature. We become one with nature. We then get deeper into our conversation to the point where we almost forgot where we are… and all of a sudden we hear this massive SPLASH!!! Like someone had fallen from the top of the tree into the water… and because the water was so clean, it was like time slowed down and were able to see every micro movement of what happened. We saw a huge snake dive into the water, right next to where we were sitting, and the birds were chirping so loudly they were all bunched up together in a line, holding the snake in the air!!! The birds were moving and directing the snake into the water from the sky, or the tree, we couldn’t see where it came from, all we saw were the birds totally in control and the snake was petrified. We both looked at each other in disbelief. We were so close to that snake… the birds looked so proud of themselves and they were flying around us and gliding with joy. I said to my friend, “Do you think they saved us from the snake?” He said “yeah it kinda looked like that” we both weren’t sure what to do. Should we move onto somewhere safer… my friend says “That was a tiger snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia, people die from them”. I said “Well I think we just experience what it feels like to be one with nature! And let’s not tempt fate, we were saved once, lets say thank you and go sit on the park bench, just incase… and at least we know we are protected.”

We were both speechless. We didn’t have much time together and we both knew there was so much to say. We tried to come down from that high but I don’t think we did. I am still buzzing from it.

It was a wake up call! Nature is alive and the serpent was dancing! The course I have just written also has a serpent snake on the front and I am 100% sure it was the exact same snake we saw in person. The course is called “Shedding Skin” which is completely relevant and related to what I am talking about today. We all have been affected by the guilt and shame in a very deep way and now we are all waking up to it and are finding ways to heal and do something about it. It is clear the snake has a deeper meaning and is connected to this healing.

Let’s embrace the indigenous tribes, and now it’s time for me to learn more about them, meet the elders and continue my stories. But before I do, I am extremely drawn to share this poem with you, which was chanelled to me. Make what you will out of it, and after seeing that serpent today, I know now that the power is in nature. GAIA. The Mother Goddess of The Earth.

This is only my perspective of this event, I asked my friend he’s perspective and he said the most profound thing; that he needed to focus on the power of the indigenous spirits and shake off the overlaying post colonial trauma, which was represented in the birds, who were the exotic ones.

Thank you so much for taking the Time to read this. Please share, make comments and if you know of an elder who would like to speak out, please send them my way.

The Dancing Serpent

Spirit doesn’t just sit there, he moves around
Want to move want to shake want to shine
The Serpent wants to dance
Jesus is coming
No more time for suffering
We must create our own destiny to really be free
Rejoice in the daily GOOD
As we move into higher planes
The Door is open

The Land Is Ours
With No Borders
You are safe in Gods Hands
Th Higher Power lies within us all
The infinite mother the infinite father
The dreams we all share will become stronger

You want power then open your heart
You want Justice then fight like a warrior

Written By Spirit.