Making Dreams Come True!

Let’s go back to 2007! Do you remember what you were doing? Now let’s come back to the present moment. Can you write a list of 12 things, significant moments that changed, shaped or transformed your life in some way? Try it.

I remember and I wrote these 12 songs for Pictures of Mars, It’s days like today where I feel it was totally all worth it. Today I received an extremely heart felt email from a fan from 2007. He kept the photo of us which was taken at The Palms after my concert and in the email he said “you are an inspiration to many and I am looking forward to hearing you live again” and this made so happy! Dennis is also on his own spiritual journey and he and I have been in conversation about this and sharing links of audio books that I listened to and books that he has read.

Creating freedom to me, means sticking to your beliefs and values no matter what. Having gone through painful experiences and writing about them, I never once stopped following my dreams. Because dreams are what shape our lives.

Being in Melbourne, I am being reminded of the past. The one thing I remember is that I made this album for my fans. I felt like, back then, that they really knew me because I was being 100% myself. I spoke from the heart and I was living my dream. Dreams keep us alive.

Going through a journey of self discovery in order to write these songs, it was through determination that I would get this album finished no matter what, to the fans who voted for me and I knew in my heart that I would.

Today, it has reached the heart of someone whom I’d always dreamed it would and it’s given me confirmation and reassurance that it will reach many more.

Thank you Dennis.

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