Intimate Gatherings – The Beginning

Intimate Gathering for healing

What a journey 2019 has been already.


I am writing this special newsletter today to say thank you to the universe for introducing me to some very powerful spiritual woman, that have changed my life.


This article is inspired by “The Mother” our mothers and mother nature. My Own Mother, The Mother Mary and the power of the divine feminine. When I say divine feminine it is the balance between the Divine Masculine and feminine which is exists to be as one, and the mother is in the core of the creation of this experience.


I did an interview (The interview was about my healing and what I do) in November last year, after meeting the man of my dreams and moving in with him in New York. In the interview I was talking about my book, “How To Heal A Broken Relationship” and I noticed at the end of my interview, a comment popped up on Facebook about interest in purchasing my book. My new man of my dreams says to me, “Natalie, you better check your messages and let them know your book is for sale”. I did just that, I spent time personally messaging people in the comments. I connected with one particular woman who says she is not tech savvy and may not be able to download my ebook… but I was determined to make sure she received it. It took a few weeks, and in this time we developed a friendship and began conversations about spirituality and I don’t know how it happened, but she became our spiritual source of connection to the higher realms and connected us on a journey that has been completely magical and continues to grow every day.


Not only has my use of Facebook and social media introduced to me to 80% of my students, it has opened pathways that would have never been accessible. Once I learnt how to align myself with the energies I felt would serve me, things began to blossom. I met a beautiful woman by the name of Fran who was brave enough to host our very first event in her home and hold a wonderful space for an intimate gathering in Melbourne, December 2018. It was a huge success. A lounge room full of healers!!! I was blown away by the energy in the room and what had occurred, not only were we healing ourselves, we were healing the world! We had a big spiritual party, full of laughter, joy, tears, prayer, chanting and high vibrational frequencies. There was food and snacks, and I ended up staying and chatting to a lovely woman, by the name of Rhonda who has her own spiritual practice and is a soul healer, she also became a special guest on my sexual healing podcast, and we discussed our opinions on sex and love, very honestly.


These versions of events was the beginning of something extremely special. Every-time I do an intimate gathering with a host, I can feel the spirit of Fran and the ladies at the first gathering coming to help and share their blessings.


This article is dedicated to all the ladies who attended my very first gathering, thank you so much for creating a beautiful space for healing the world, because that is exactly what we are doing.


Here is an image that one of the ladies sent me, after the event… and I know we created this magical sky!

Magic in the sky