march, 2021

14mar3:00 pm5:00 pmEvent OverPictures of Mars LaunchA Night of Stories, Music & Healing with Natalie Gauci

Pictures of Mars

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Pictures of Mars is a message from Mars, channelled through me and my higher self. Did you know Mars means God of War?

The message is clear: “We create our own reality.” I had a huge epiphany whilst being in hotel quarantine… I had created this experience! Why? It came to me: I had two things I needed to work on within myself! I chose FREEDOM, for the first time in my life. I chose to be fully aware of every word that I chose to speak, because I could see it was creating my reality really fast! Yes, the world right now is also the best it’s ever been, and it’s my choice what I choose from it! 

I have written stories to go with the songs I am releasing, which will be presented with a live launch at Maleny Community Centre along with an online streaming show, of 8 releases all together – each livestream will feature a song, a story, a lesson and a healing. 

These stories are required to be written in the present moment, written positively and with uplifting words and emotions. I chose to let go of the past because those past “victim” feelings were creating my life now and moving me away from my alignment of who I am now. I chose to flip it, reverse it, deflect it and create stories of freedom through adversity. SO LIBERATING! 

I’m excited to share these chapters of my life with you now. This launch will have a live psychic reading for one special person and a chat with the audience in the form of a Q&A, as an opportunity to share how my story relates to you and how we can heal. 

The world is changing  and our words are shaping our future!

…..We are in a NEW WORLD. WE HAVE ARRIVED! What is needed now is warming and opening of our hearts, to really deeply feel everything. To open up our senses, to heighten our senses, to receive all the beautiful blessings that are there waiting for us. To feel our spiritual connection, really know who The Great Spirit is, and that it is within us.

We are all connected within this great spirit and the power that is within. When we focus on this alone, it clears a space for purity and freedom. There is NOTHING ELSE. Even though it may appear or seem to be, there IS nothing else. It is only on what we focus on. PURITY AND FREEDOM. This comes from our heart and our connection to our higher self… which is connected to The Great Spirit.


I am NATG, I am the angel heart oracle and I am here to bring Pictures of Mars into your heart and connect us to The Great Spirit. Through my songs, stories, lessons and healing!!

By Natalie Gauci



(Sunday) 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Maleny Community Centre

23 Maple Street

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"Slices of My Interesting Life"

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I am NATG, I am the angel heart oracle and I am here to bring Pictures of Mars into your heart and connect us to our Spirit. Through my songs, stories, lessons and healing!!

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