A Star Is Born


When I was really young my mum bought me a gift. It was a teddy bear ballerina dancing on the moon, and it said “A Star Is Born”. I loved it so much. I loved being a little ballerina and I loved being on TV too, when I was young. I fell into depression as a teenager and it took music, to set me free. I didn’t want to face the cameras again, I had lost my confidence.

Once the opportunities started flooding in again, once I’d made the decision to invite success back into my life, I then turned that away too. I thought selfishly that the opportunity would come again, but it didn’t.

In this time I had a huge rebirth and transformation, and I became someone unrecognizable, even to my own family. I wasn’t myself. I had to remove myself completely to come back again, but this time a totally new and reformed soul.

I started having visions, meeting spiritual teachers, having encounters with Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Angels, Krishna and Buddha, they were giving me messages which I wasn’t sure what to do with! I became more and more aware that our souls are born to move and I was given a message from God himself today to write this: We are not born to be couch potatoes! I know that we have been programmed to prevent things from happening rather than finding the cure. To find the cure it means we need to go deeper into the layers, which means facing ourselves, and a lot of the time, this is where we stop moving forward, when we don’t face ourselves and confront what is stopping us from moving forward. I believe a star is someone who never gives up and keeps moving forward.

I began to see the star in me, the more I practiced meditation and took a really deep look into myself. I started questioning everything around me and discovered I had a lot of negative thoughts holding me back, even our own words can make us feel drained when we give them power. Take your power back by giving it back to yourself and taking control of your own thoughts, words and actions. I discovered my words, what I was saying, were creating my own reality, like magic, I could say one bad thing and boom…  everything around me would fall apart, but when I kept a positive attitude things would dramatically shift very fast. I started to pay attention to my choices of words, my actions and my attitude, alone and when with others.

I started listening and I stopped talking so much. I started to hear the sound of silence. And that was when I really started to understand who I really was. My truth. My Peace.

I believe we are all stars, when we work together, we can build a mountain of them, and move mountains. But the trouble is a lot of people (including once myself) are afraid of this. We come up with every single reason why we shouldn’t do something. Well let’s start thinking about reasons why we should do something! Invite the word “Yes” into our vocabulary when we feel it could actually be the right thing for us! Even when others say it’s not. Maybe they are just afraid?

Success builds Success

Complaints Build Complaints

Illness builds Illness

I start with the Mantra… “Everything I touch turns to Gold”. And then it does… when I believe it! I can say it a thousand times, but if I don’t believe it, it will not come true. I made the choice to start believing and each day it gets better, more exciting and more fun!

I love being a star! Do you? It really is our time to shine and be proud of who we are!!!